No place like home in the fall


After much clothes sorting (and not done, just took a few things out of the closet), I decided to walk for fresh air around the yard. I don’t know why I don’t do this often. I’m sure I racked up at least 1/4 mile (maybe) from 3 laps. It was a bit cool, so I put on a polar fleece jacket I found in the armoire, but the faux Crocs weren’t great for walking over cut up burrs, etc.
So for this collage I found the sweet girl looking out the window in an old kids’ book from about 1951. I did color her in a bit. I wanted it to look like she is checking out the leaves and that cute feathered pal there in her own wonderland. : )
I got called to go to the dentist tomorrow, so that frees me up for going to Longwood Gardens with my mom and her pal next week. Mom is getting her hearing aides adjusted over in the next town as she is too use to the setting it’s on now. My brother has been nice to her during her nasty head cold this week bringing her soup, etc. I wish his good side would shine through all the time.

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