Apple picking time


Since I had just eaten a ‘caramel’ apple (it was red, not brown caramel) and had the wrapper, I did this apple collage. The 1976 book I found with the apple had beautiful illustrations as you can see. This came together fairly quickly.
When we were kids we went to a place a few miles away called ‘Linvilla Orchards’ which was known for it’s octagonal barn. The wonderful smells of that red candy coating boiling for the freshly picked apples made your mouth water. The old barn burnt down a few years ago and was rebuilt. I’d love to go there again soon!
We had a rain out of a day and it was raw outside. I think it’s in the 40s right now.
Just got finished watching ‘Pawn Stars’ and ‘American Pickers’ on ‘The History Channel’. I love to see what people bring in the pawn shop in Vegas and want Mike and Frank find on their picks in old garages, etc. They were on ‘The Rachael Ray Show’ today and found her a ‘spaghetti lamp’(Something like the link). It was like a swirly white plastic upside down fish bowl with green and blue squiggles on it. She loved it.
Off to bed really soon as I had a restless night last night.

I recommend Chicken Piccata with Angel Hair Pasta from the packaged mix I found from Macaroni Grill at the store. It’s just the way I love chicken.

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  1. Chicken Picatta does sound good. I need to check out that spaghetti lamp, as I have never heard of one!

    We enjoy watching the pickers show and the Vegas Pawn show, too. It’s amazing what people have in their attics, garages, etc.

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