The 50’s


I am a ‘sort of’ child of the 50s, though I was born when it was going to end 7 weeks later.
I started this collage with the retro style paper and then the search began for images to go with it. I am trying not to get online to search for things, but use what I have and what I have printed out already. The Tower Theater is probably known to Tina Fey and Todd Rundgren alike as it’s located near where they grew up in Upper Darby, PA. I lived near here for a few years and have been once in 2006 to see James Taylor. I picked it for the retro cars. Then I found the kids from a 1951 book and someone sent me the mom in the apron. I remember watching Red Skelton in the 60s, though he started with a number of shows in the 50s. The blue car is a Peugeot from 1957!
I found this 1959 holiday cookbook from a small church flea market we went to on Saturday. I may have it already. ; )
BH&G Holiday Cookbook 1959
We drove down to Lowes to get some topsoil and gravel for around the house and I snapped a photo of our town’s fairly new firehouse. They ask for lots of $$ every year.
Avondale Firehouse

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  1. Love that 50’s inspired collage. I always say I should have been a teenager in the 50’s instead of being born in ’57! lol I just love anything from that era, right down to being a true Elvis fan:-)

    That firehall is quite something! No wonder they ask for lots of money every year!! Our neighbourhood has a fairly new firehall as well but it’s only half the size yours is. No doubt due to the small area I live in! lol

    Steve noticed you had left me a message on Facebook which I had missed…the border cities do accept American money but over here you’d have to exchange it to Canadian currency because I don’t think our store would accept the American money. xoxo

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