M is for Ma


I was trying to get a few things done around the house today and my collages had to wait until after dinner. Boy was I tired from our little outing last night! Mom said she got about 10 birthday cards which made her happy.
So this is my mom when she was about 14. It’s not the clearest photo, but there is something I like about it, maybe because she looks like her mom here. I was looking at a book I have called ‘Scraps’ and the ladies made a alphabet book using an old dictionary. I have an old one and they didn’t have the word ‘mom’ just ‘ma’-go figure!
The one for today is called ‘Sisters’. I’ve used the image of my Grandmom and her older sister before, but this is tinted a bit mauve. I love this photo as they both are so adorable. I didn’t get to know Ethel, the little girl on the right as she passed from pneumonia at age 7. The tree is a button.

Sisters 4" x 4" Collage

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