You’ve come a long way baby


My mom Jeanne as a babe, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

My grandparents could not have picked the worst time to have child #2 as 1930 makes my mom a Depression baby. Her brother is 7 years older than her. I’ve heard all about what they would have to eat, like mashed potatoes on bread every night- times were indeed difficult. My mom was so sweet, her own maternal grandfather wanted to adopt her! She was a thin little girl and has never weighed much over 130 at her heaviest as an adult. Her parents would try to get her to drink milk and the glasses would get lined up on the table and she’d take one sip. She has never had a hearty appetite-well for junk food and chocolate maybe! : )
Mom has a lovely soprano singing voice and she sang in church and in school many times. I haven’t heard her sing lately though, it may have to do with her hearing issue. I’m wondering if we even have one recording of her beautiful voice!
Mom has always loved clothes too. She never bought full price and even wore thrift shop clothes, but always looked so ‘put together’ for work. When I was about 18 or so, I made her a salmon pink dress with white polka dots and she wore it a lot. I was so pleased to have made it for her.
She has a big, generous heart, maybe too generous for her own good sometimes. She so much rather give than receive (me too!). She enjoys travel, but just around these parts. When she was a young bride, she lived in San Francisco for the good part of a year but missed her family too much. She never went out west again.
I am so glad to be able to make her happy by taking her on trips or little outings and dinner. She feels like she may have missed out on things in her life. I feel she could have remarried if she really wanted to. She said she didn’t want to impose a step father on us, but maybe that is someone we all needed in our lives-a male figure besides her brother.
Life for mom at 80 isn’t a bed of roses, but as long as she has her sight and can read and watch tv, I think she’s pretty happy. And she loves her family in her own special way too.
Happy Birthday Mom!

The Almost Birthday girl!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your wonderful mom!! I feel like I know her personally through your blog and I wish we lived closer, she and my mom could go shopping for clothes! lol My mom loves clothes as well:-) Such an adorable baby she was. I wish mom would have pictures of herself when she was a baby but none are to be found. Her oldest siblings might have had some but after they passed away, goodness knows what happened to the pictures. I’m sure your mom appreciates everything you do for her:-) xoxo

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