Keep Life Simple and some Autumnal decor


As usual, when I tidy up my papers, I get some ideas for my collages. I had recently clipped a tourist guide for Ireland and saved the awesome cliff and ocean photo. Not knowing what to do next, I happened upon a postcard booklet of Gustav Dore and chose this lady who looked like she was looking over the cliff. I picked ‘Keep Life Simple’ as she was enjoying the view over the cliff. I found out I used an engraving with ‘purgatory’ in the name! No, this doesn’t now change the meaning of the card!
Also, here is my dining room table with some new things added. I got out my table cloth with the autumn colors. I had bought the new cloth napkins from a flea market and they are from Anthropolgie, as are the mushroom s&p that Brian gave me a few years ago. The sandwich plates and pine cone bowls are from The Christmas Tree Shoppe-$1.99 each and they are nicely made. Bri gave me some flowers yesterday and I added them to an acorn lidded piece. The fireplace has some sunflowers across it, but I’m still working on it. Please ignore the messiness in the sofa area, things are being sorted out to put away. I’ll miss the summer seashells and things.

Autumnal Decorated Dining Table
Autumnal Decorated Dining Table
Sean and I will hopefully take my mom somewhere for an early birthday gift, though he is having a lot to say about the place in Lancaster with the craft warehouse. He took off from work as he thought we were headed to the beach, but that’s a long drive. Hope he thinks about what his grandmom would like first and not himself.

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  1. Ooooh I just love your Autumn dishes, just gorgeous! I’ve now taken out all of my Autumn decorations out as well and I find it makes the house look so warm and comfy. It was only 44F when I got up this morning so it’s really feeling like Fall:-) Your newest collage is beautiful as well. xoxo

  2. Beautiful table, Dianne. I love those acron bowls. I made cheeseburger soup last weekend and those bowls would have been great to serve it in! Cute tablecloth, too. Everything just works so nicely together.

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