Garden Helpers & Meatless Mondays


I like my collage for today as it is all about ‘working’ outside in the gardens. The children are from a 1936 reader that my mom could have used back then as she was 6 yrs old that year. The book is in such great shape, I decided to only scan some of the photos and not to cut it up.
It’s so great to dig through my art and paper stuff each day, but I need to do some major tidying. Everytime I try to tidy, I get ideas for new collages. This is #18! I really haven’t been stumped yet-let’s see how I do on #156.
Sir Paul McCartney and his daughters were on a leaflet we received at the concert about trying to go meatless one day a week, so why not on Mondays? I did eat a leftover half of prime rib sandwich for lunch, but our dinner was totally meatless. I did a Strata with Artisan bread, tomato, parsley,feta, onion and eggs-very delicious.
Strata with parsley, onion and tomato
Our salad was Arugula with white beans, red pepper and handmade lemony dressing. I got a new cookbook at The Christmas*Tree Shoppe from Food & Wine magazine. They had several editions. They review 25 cookbooks from that particular year and include several recipes from each.The ones we had were in the first few chapters!
Sean and I are taking my mom to Lancaster (that’s if she shows up as she said she’d sleep over at her brother’s and drive over). Originally we were thinking Atlantic City, but that’s 90 miles or so and it’s expensive down there. Plus we had her there on our vacation in ’08 and ’09. We can take her to the Smorgesbord. If we actually were taking her on the 23rd, she’d get a free dinner-rats. I think it will be a nice change of scenery for her too.

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  1. All of your collages are so gorgeous, your creative juices have really been flowing:-) That Strata looks so delicious and going meatless for one day doesn’t sound too hard to do! lol

    I was in Lancaster when my friend Carol and I drove to Philadelphia and Atlantic City about 8 years ago and I really fell in love with the area. I love Amish country:-) Hope your mom shows up and that you can take her there!! xoxo

  2. YUM–that strata looks good and the salad sounded good, too.

    Boy, you are really coming up with collage ideas. It sounds like you are enjoying it.

    Hope you have a good trip with your mom.

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