A walk around Kennett Square PA’s 25th Mushroom Festival


It was an overcast, but not so warm day today. Sean and I went up to the next town over and got a large sampling of ‘fair’ food to bring home. We saw that Aetna and Food Network were sponsors and heard Bobby Flay had been there (after looking at the story about this, I believe this wasn’t so). Today lovely Oklahoma native Sunny Anderson from the Food Network Show ‘Cooking for Real’ was there. She was very sweet to meet.
Sean got a big frosty mug of cream (vanilla) soda that you could get ‘free’ refills on. I know he wanted one last year, but the price and the bees were bad. It was still pricey, but it was a huge drink and he brought the mug home.
The food haul-two cups of mushroom soup (for me) from Longwood Gardens. They forgot to give me a mushroom shaped cookie I paid for. I figure I am going to LG for free now and we had to park far away or I’d go get it. Got a springroll from Talula’s Table (the chef had been on Martha Stewart) which had a nice amount of lemon grass in it. We also got a noodle and mushroom dish that Sean took with him to work and he ate a huge sausage sandwich for lunch! It’s all about the food, baby!
Since we parked down a street with century old homes, I snapped a few shots of them to share.

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  1. I love any kind of festival where I can eat! lol Since I never watch the Food Network, I have no idea who Sunny is but no doubt it was exciting for you to meet her if you’d seen her on one of the shows:-) Love the pictures and look at those houses, wow, can’t even imagine what they pay in taxes alone! lol xoxo

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