Fall is in the air


We were out tonight as I am trying to salvage the plants for at least another month. The winds must have kicked up and knocked one of my best Coleus on the ground which broke many of the large branches of it. I do root many of them and I am pretty sure I have a few babies of plant that took a beating. I need to find a shelf that attaches to a window, maybe a couple of tiers for the baby coleus to overwinter on. I tried my front window and it was too cool there and they perished. The garden window in the kitchen was better, but only a couple made it there. The one I have saved from last year is big and bushy and I will try and save it again. I think 3-4 years is the limit for Coleus. The air felt so good as it kicked the humidity in the butt for a few days. Probably the hurricane’s effects too.
Bri and I went to a Farmer’s Market today about 25 minutes from here. It’s one I know my mom likes to go to. Sure enough, there she was when we were checking out at a variety store with her nose in a box of marked down make-up, oblivious to anything or anyone. I didn’t go over to her as she isn’t calling me. It’s been since Monday morning when she got mad that Sean and I weren’t coming down to take her out. This was after a day I tried to call her a number of times and no one picked up. Then after a while I figured she was at my Uncle’s house, yet she didn’t call me. She hasn’t been the same since she didn’t go on our beach trip in June. Maybe my brother who is living there will get closer to her now. I am hoping this may be the case.
Bri and I got some yummy sticky cinnamon buns, Aunt Annie’s pretzels, a caramel chocolate chip bar and a bag of praline pecans! Diet food to be eaten in small quantities. : )
My collage came about because of the Shakespeare quote someone had sent me. I think the lady and child go perfectly with it. If I find a stamp of Shakespeare, the lovely English lady will be pasted over.
Tomorrow there is an estate sale in nearby Hockessin, De. I asked if we could go, not necessarily for the big things-you know how much I like paper goods. : ) I’ll let you know if we sniff out any bargains.

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Domestic goddess, wife, mom, gardener, paper and collage artist, geocacher, local traveler, cross stitcher, baker, crafter, Facebooker, blogger, decorator and photographer.

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