Earl stayed away


People think we live closer to the coast then we do. I say we live a good 90 miles from Rehoboth Beach, DE and about 80 some miles heading toward the Jersey shore area. Sometimes those blasted hurricanes make landfall and we get really walloped like Agnes in 1972. There was a ton of flooding further up in the state around Harrisburg, but it was a nasty hurricane. I think it took down a tulip tree of mom’s that happen to have a speaker hooked up to it (my older brother did that) and it blew out the stereo and tv if I remember correctly.
Back in 1997, a hurricane went through New Garden township where I live and it knocked down several power lines along our road. I believe a big branch is still stuck in the top of the Chestnut tree from that one. I also contracted Lyme disease as we didn’t have power for 3 or so days. I made the mistake of not changing my clothes one night and the tick got up and under a sports bra in the elastic band and got me good. (We were able to shower at a friend’s house). The photo of the bulls eye is in the ‘me stuff’ link above. I was very sick with a 104 fever and had to be on antibiotics for 3 weeks. As you know I still get funny aches and pains and have elevated liver enzymes once in a while. Mother Nature is wonderful, but it can also play tricks on us!
My collage was inspired by my scrapbook. I like how the background came together to compliment my Asian lady. The vase is a 3D sticker.
We are expecting somewhat cooler temps. Have a great weekend!

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Domestic goddess, wife, mom, gardener, paper and collage artist, geocacher, local traveler, cross stitcher, baker, crafter, Facebooker, blogger, decorator and photographer.

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  1. Good to hear that Earl stayed away from you. It’s only 54F here right now so what a change from the hot and humid weather we’ve had all summer…it feels good:-) We’re getting rain on and off today with sunshine in between. Really strong winds though so I’m wondering if that’s due to Earl.

    I’ve heard that Lyme Disease can be very debilitating. When I was gone on that hike with Corey last week I was a bit leery of going into the tall grasses…all I could think of was ticks and poison ivy. Ugh. So, I tried to stay on the path as much as I could! lol

    Love your collage. xoxo

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