September just rolled in!


Ben for the PO 4"x4" Collage, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I can’t believe it’s September already. I love September and October as I guess I’m ready for a change. We are having the heatwave-full blast, but the house is nice and cool, I think due in large part because Bri got the attic fan to run again. I just had to turn the a/c off and it’s 72 degrees inside-perfect.
I’m not turning on the computer until later in the day now and I am getting more accomplished. One thing was the Ben Franklin collage above. I get the junk mail from Amer. Express almost every month-that’s the background paper. I had old stamp stickers and also used newer canceled ones of flags. He was our first postmaster and we saw the statue of him down in DC in April.
We have a few things planned for the month. Sean is taking me and maybe my mom (who is giving me the silent treatment right now) to Atlantic City for the day-a gift for her birthday. That’s the middle of the month. We got invited to dinner by a couple we use to hang out with a few days before that. I found the lady on Facebook. It’s so nice to get in touch with people again. My high school class is having a beach get-together in Ocean City, NJ at the end of the month. Not sure if we are going, but how nice is one of our class mates for opening his home to us after over 33 years. Incidentally, a number of years ago, the guy hosting the get-together installed one of those big satellite dishes for us (which is long gone now).
I can’t wait for the change in weather! I hear Hurricane Earl is stirring up trouble down south. It’s that time of year again too.

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  1. I brought mom shopping and out for lunch today and when I got back I was soaked right through, it’s so hot and humid over here too! I’m more than ready for the cooler temps to arrive!! How sad that your mom is giving you the silent treatment right now…might as well enjoy it while it lasts! lol My mom had me going around in circles today, she was so confused and kept changing her mind about things she needed to get done. Sigh.

    Love the Ben Franklin and house collage you made:-) Isn’t it amazing what you can accomplish when the computer stays off? lol I was so busy this summer, most days I didn’t get a chance to turn on the computer until late evening.

    Sounds like you have a couple of nice outings to look forward to this month. I’m planning on staying quiet but in October have some travels plans:-) xoxo

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