I think this pot goes so well next to our brick red shed. I plant nasturtium seeds all over in the various gardens and this year they just aren’t taking off. I am hoping when this ‘7th’ heatwave passes (and maybe is the last one for the year, but who knows) will help these particular plants creep, crawl and flower. The other plants are a deep ruby color Nicotiana and a lovely coleus. These plants are doing pretty good this year, though the coleus had a rough start.
Sean had off so we went down to a mall in Delaware that they are redoing. It looks a lot like one of the biggest malls on the east coast-the King of Prussia mall. The Christiana Mall now has many high end shops. I head right to the sale tables-lol-like in Anthro*polgie. I got some cute things-like travel style rubber stamps, a cute big cup and bowl of the same design and a gift for someone. We ate at the Cheese*cake Factory. I will tell you that I would have been happy to go just for the huge plate of nachos for $5 and the fancy drinks for happy hour. I ended up bringing 2 of my fish tacos home (thx to Rachael*Ray for getting me hooked on them).
Have to share what was just on the news-Sean was pointing out that a town they were showing was where a pal lives and the soldier who came home to the town had the same name as him Sean Collins! LOL

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