What’s wrong with this ATC?


And why do I have to do another one?
It was a Geisha girl theme and we were to add an Asian symbol and a fan-opps-I added the ‘pearl’. The problem, as someone commented on Flickr, was that the symbols I so carefully stamped and embossed are Chinese and of course Geisha girls are Japanese! Geez. And one of my favorite movies is ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’. I even carefully glued the gold thread around there. Back to work!
Lazy weekend…read, started a design as a birthday gift, but the future recipient is being a little nasty to me for some unknown reason. I call to see how she is and she asks what I want. I don’t think that’s nice. I bet you guessed who I mean.
Brian trimmed the hedges along the front of the house plus the forsythia near the road. Our hedges on the right were nibbled by deer during the big snow and now they are brown with a bit of green-like an Obama chia pet! (ha ha-and I’m not being unappropriate, there are Obama chia pets). : )
Wally World is giving Sean some lousy hours until 10-10:30 at night. He’s going to ask to only do that a few times a month. He doesn’t go in until 2:30, but still that time of night is very boring. He may have lead from his uncle-he needs to get that squared away.

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  1. Personally, I think a little artistic licence should have covered the chinese symbols. I have several oriental stamps (symbols) and use them interchangeably whenever I make a card with an asian/oriental theme. How nmany people would know anyway?

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