Sir Paul…it will be an honor!


The other night Brian was listening to CDs. That always helps to lighten his mood and he acts like his old self as he is relaxing and not worrying about anything. 9 out of 10 times he’ll put on some ‘Wings’ for me which he did that night. I then remembered that Sir Paul will be in Philly sometime in the future. I went online and it’s the 14th of this month. I asked if we could go and Brian said ‘YES’! Woo hoo! The good tickets are all gone, and we really couldn’t afford them anyway. The ones I got are extreme stage right, but not really high up. And if there are big screens, that will be neat too. And who is to say we won’t take a little walk to see him closer? I was just at the venue with my friend to see James Taylor and Carole King. The worse part will be the parking, but there is no Phillies game that night, so it should be better than the last time I was there.
Brian’s gone to most concerts over the years to see performers I like. The last time he went to one he really ‘got into’ was Hall & Oates in the early 80s (I love H&O too). I’m going to bring my camera in my purse again.
Talk about crossing something off your bucket list. Can’t wait! I had a hard time getting to sleep last night.
PS-My older brother Dave is a huge Beatles fan and has the same bass Paul is holding above.

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