Having fun paper collaging


Crowabout #88 Fairy Challenge, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

During these definite ‘dog days of summer’, I stay where the air is cool, since we are paying heaps of $$$ for it lately. Best thing we ever did to this house. I am in a few Flickr and Swap-bot groups and I trade with people every week. This little wooden plaque was a challenge I don’t have to trade at all! Every week on Flickr, the group coordinator offers up a sheet of photos/designs. We are to use at least 3 from the sheet. On this one I used the pink blossomed tree and stream, the moth fairy, Hummingbird, fairy sign and red leaves. I added a row of butterflies and a skeleton leaf I added glitter to. I think this turned out cute.

Our garden is giving us mostly Cucumbers! The Zucchini are all flowers and the Green Beans are just giving us a few beans. The tomatoes are good but a bit on the small side. I swear something is tunneling under the garden as a Green Pepper and Tomato are wilting-they are near each other. All that dry and now all this wet! Mother Nature is playing a game with us. I shouldn’t complain as I have had some nice Roses and Daylilies, but you can’t eat them!

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