Sometimes the days just seems to run together. The last few weeks have been very tense with Bri dealing with his dad. I know he is worrying about him every waking moment and he’s stressed out enough about his job. Now tonight he was getting set to go over there (48 mile round trip) because his dad still can’t climb the 8 steps to the second floor. He had gone through all the Ensure that they brought up a few days ago. I would so get him a 24 pack at a warehouse! So I rushed to make a yummy broccoli pasta dish (I tossed tuna in too) and the heavens opened up. I was glad when his dad called and said to stay put. Bri would have risked flooded roads to carry up a few cans of drink to his dad! Bri needs to call an agency to get needed help for his dad. The one my uncle uses is good, but the lady only comes a few hours a week to clean, etc. I think Mr. C. needs someone there every other day. He is also getting a hospital bed for the den where he only has to climb 3-4 stairs. During these ‘twilight years’, the older generation needs to think what they are doing to their family. I worry about Bri burning the candle at both ends. My ‘step’ cousin took care of her sick husband for many years and he passed away. Didn’t she get diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer last summer and was gone by this January. Her husband was much older, yet she only outlived him 2 years. Like Dana*Reeve, wife of Christopher*Reeve got lung cancer within a few years of his passing and died herself. You wonder if they ignored symptoms as they were so worried about their husbands. At least Bri has been tested for many things. He still has smelling and tasting issues-it could be from stress. I am so happy when he does taste something!
I’m trying to downsize around here. Books, books everywhere! I don’t know what to do with them all. I am most definitely having a yard sale within the next few months, that’s if everything is okay with the family. I am also in some Art Trading Card swaps weekly which helps my nerves and lets me use the right side of my brain. Tomorrow, I am getting my hair done-it really needs it-just call me Cruella!
I’ll keep you posted on things.

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  1. Our local libraries have book sales. I often donate the books I have read to them, it gets them out of my house and helps them raise funds at the same time. Sometimes if they are really nice books they put them on the shelves.

  2. I agree. The ageing generation really does need to be aware of the demands being made on adult children in trying to do “everything for everybody”. I think you’re right when you suggest that caretakers overlook their own health. I hope that Brian’s dad will get a caretaker so Brian won’t have to be so stressed out about everything. Good luck!!

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