Photo Hunt-Triangle


Last September, I went to a stitch-along at the Chadds Ford Historic Society and got to meet some online pals. I haven’t been back yet, but I also haven’t stitched a whole lot this past year.
This is a birdhouse crafted to look like the building I was in! Look at all the triangles along the roof line. Beautiful craftsmanship!

Today I received my letter that I was excused from the jury selection people-two women-perhaps they understood my dilemma at this time. I have a feeling I’ll be called again in the future.

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  1. Oh yes, it’s amazing the talent out there, that birdhouse is something else!! Gorgeous!

    Good for you for being able to get out of jury duty. I was chosen for jury duty when Shawn was a couple of years old and I thought the whole trial was a waste of time. I received a letter about 10 years ago for jury duty again but I was suffering from such severe anxiety at the time, I was able to get the doctor to write a note that excused me. I could just picture myself being chosen again and not being able to sit still and concentrate!! lol xoxo

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