Photo Hunt-Free


This was a difficult hunt. I was looking through my sets and came upon the ‘free’ day at the Brandywine River Museum back in January 2009 in honor of the passing of Andrew Wyeth. Shown are the interesting college hoods that he received-21 in all-for honorary degrees in Fine Arts. Pretty amazing, don’t you think?
Brian and I also got to see ‘Christina’s World’ as it was on loan from the Met in NYC. We weren’t allowed to take photos of that.
I believe there is another free day coming up at the Museum on July 12th in honor of Andrew’s birthday. : )

Another neat thing is to have Victoria Wyeth, Andrew’s granddaughter give you a guided tour at the museum, which she does several days a week.

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  1. Nice idea for the photo. And your commentary has me regretting that I never did visit the Brandywine River Museum even though I lived, for some years, not that far from it (in Philadelphia — unlike these days in Hong Kong, thousands of miles away)… ;(

  2. Hello dear Dianne:-)

    I’ve just finished reading all of your posts that I had missed. We had that same heat when we were in Niagara Falls last weekend and it was even hard to breathe, all you got was a lung full of hot air! lol I’m 6 hours north of NF so it’s been a bit cooler here although we have also been breaking records for hot days for this time of year. Today it’s in the low 80’s so a bit more comfortable:-) Don’t know what I’d do without my air conditioner though!!

    I had to Google Andrew Wyeth to find out who that was and now I understand that he was an artist. It’s wonderful for the museum to have a free day a year in his honour. I hope you take advantage of the next one as well:-) xoxo

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