One of my favorite hobbies


Page from my swap book, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

When I was a teenager, I loved to get mail. I think this stemmed from a couple of different events in my young life. Once my mom wrote to Whitman Publishing Company saying their coloring books, cards and stuff were the cat’s pajamas. Well didn’t they send us a nice big box full of products corresponding with the new movie at the time- ‘Chitty, Chitty , Bang, Bang’.
Another time was when my paternal Grandmom sent me a box of Ginny dolls with oodles of little clothes and accessories. I still have them, but not all the clothes.
I also sent letters to pen-pals. I got published in a magazine once too.
Mom has this really long stone driveway and I remember going every day to check for a letter from a pal from across the country or in the next town (really!)
This is leading up to my grown up enjoyment of receiving little pieces of art in the mail from all over the world. I’ve gotten ‘art trading cards’ and other hand made goodies from places as far away as Israel. This is an example of some of the cards, though the blue one and the tag were a gift from Sherry in England for my last birthday. I believe this binder has 10 pages with 9 spaces each, so I have 90 cards (plus) just in it! The artist’s personality really reflects in their pieces.

Swapped items from Flickr groups
Some of my Flickr swaps…a dress, paper doll, flower and bird.
My gifts from Sherry and Judith
The most recent swaps or ‘gifts’ from my pals in England. I sent them teapot ribbon holders.
My art table
My little work space-yep-very untidy with some works in progress.

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  1. Hi Dianne, I love having a little look at your craft desk and goodies! It’s funny seeing something I made in there amongst it all too. I love your teapot ribbon hanger and it goes so well in my craft room.

    I think most of us crafters feel the same about receiving items in the mail. I remember when I was young receiving an envelope full of info about Belgium for a project I was doing – I was so excited about it – LOL.

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – one of my favourite films – I love Truly Scrumptious so no doubt will be singing that for the rest of the day now!

    Happy Crafty – hope you manage to keep cool in those fantastically hot temperatures you’re having.

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