My front step welcomes you


Front step, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

This is just one side of my step. The fuzzy plant under the birdhouse is new, really pretty and called Nicolletta (I have a friend named Nicolette-I should root her a piece!). I added a few Nasturtium seeds in with it. I also have a pot of pansies and that unnamed pink daisy like flower keeping it company. I have a pretty coleus and peachy begonia on the other side.
Splish Splash Coleus
Splish Splash
We are expecting much needed rain today. My mom needs to come out this way and hopefully get her very pricey hearing aid. Unfortunately she isn’t the only family member who is hard of hearing, so is Bri’s dad and Bri was tested to have slight loss. I’m blaming headphone use! Bri is going to the eye doctor today(we are still trying to figure out why he doesn’t feel well so much). Sean and him were playing a little baseball and he thinks he hurt his knee and is limping around now. The poor guy!
I am so looking forward to Thursday evening as my ‘new’ high school friend Lorin and I are going to see James Taylor and Carole King down in south Philly. She asked me back in January if I’d like to go and I said sure, so she gifted me with a ticket. Will give you a report. If I take my camera, you’ll probably see a little video if I can sneak one in. And maybe Lorin’s hubby can take one of both of us. He’s driving us as she can’t drive at night and I don’t drive to south Philly! I guess I could, but I can’t drive Lorin home.

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  1. I’d share our rain with you! The sun is shining right now – let’s hope it lasts!

    I tried to plant about 6 wee coleus plants, thinking of you, but none made it.

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