Pond Garden 2010


First of all, yes, this in on a slight incline. : )

Pond Garden 2010, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

This is finally weeded and edged so it is now worthy of sharing a photo of it. The Japanese irises were just ‘so-so’ this year. The foliage they leave behind looks nice next to the pond. The Red Hot Pokers on the other hand are gorgeous!
Red hot poker plant
I have them in about 3 places around the yard. My mom said she’d like me to dig some up for her. They are actually the orange topped plants. The large bunch of plants in the foreground are Shasta Daisies. They have a bit of a disease on them like last year. I have some next to the overgrown (never trimmed) butterfly bush there on the left. There are some Pinwheel Zinnias and Red Salvia around the gazing ball and also some potted Lantana
Orange Lantana
and another with white Salvia and a peachy Diascia.
Apricot Diascia and White Salvia
I have a pot of two tone white and wine colored petunias hanging up
Two tone purple/white Petunias

and some yellow calibrachoas there too.
The double light is solar powered and flashes different colors at night-very cool. The pond lights all got new batteries but aren’t working well. I have one frog resident that I see. : )

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  1. I love your pond and the way all those gorgeous flowers grow around it. Every year I say to myself, time to make a pond, but every year I put it off! lol My friend/neighbour June has one and I so love sitting next to it, very relaxing. Isn’t it wonderful to have colour all around you again?:-) xoxo

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