Oldie but a goodie


Hasselbergs-Caroline, William, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I’ve been scanning old photos off and on over the last few months as I feel like doing so. It’s a bit time consuming. Brian was pulling out the photos and looking at them and this was in the bunch. I love this photo! I guess whoever took it thought it would be funny to pose my maternal great grandfather William right in front of that birdhouse! It had to be my grandfather Alan as I heard he was quite the shutterbug though I can see my Uncle Don being silly too. The little lady is Caroline and my grandmom really grew to look like her as she got older.
Yesterday, my mom and her friend Jim came out and other than looking at photos, I was showing him Ancestry.com. One thing lead to another and I found addresses of a long lost friend and niece for him! I also found that his aunt had passed away last year, but his uncle was still alive as of that time. It’s a pretty amazing site and I enjoy doing research. I think I missed my calling as a researcher of some sorts.
We are under a tornado watch for a few more hours. I stuck some flowers under bushes for protection. So far it’s been humid and windy. The guys are at Brian’s dad’s house. It seems every week Brian needs to food shop for him. His dad will be 87 in a few weeks and I don’t see him living alone much longer.
Tomorrow I get a new washer, so we had to tidy up the basement a bit. That basement is getting more attention in the coming months! I did wear a dust mask, but handling the dusty boxes after I took it off caused me to have a few gagging attacks. I see a yard sale in our future.

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