What I’ve been stitching on


Not many stitchers work on Aida anymore. I had this pretty mossy green piece and decided it was definitely fine for samplers. I want to alter this a bit-after the numbers there they have the wording-‘to grow them is to love them’. Ugh. I think I will put the Latin word for them ‘Santapaula’ there instead. I’m losing the little hearts it calls for in the corners too. The violets themselves are really detailed and pretty.
Everyone is home today-Bri went to the doctor (he continues to not feel well) and Sean had off. Sean is itchy to go get some Trader*Joes goodies. I had a little nap as the kitty got me up at the crack of dawn as he heard Bri get a drink and I was pretty much awake after that.

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  1. Such pretty purple pansies. I think the latin work ‘Santapaula’ sounds like an interesting change. What will you do with this one?

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