Pansies from Amishland


Pansies for Amishland, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Here’s the pretty baskets I bought from an Amish guy. Got for an amazing $2 each. I paid for them, and my Sean forgot to pick one up. We were on the way to the van when I noticed he didn’t have his. Instead of the Amish guy telling us we forgot one and ran after us, he just pushed it back amongst the others for sale. I know they were cheap, but I don’t think that was nice.

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  1. Oh wow, they are so gorgeous and what a steal at $2 a basket!! But yes, it wasn’t right of that man to just put the one you had forgotten in with the others instead of catching up with you and bringing it to you. Good thing you thought of it before you left!!

    My tulips and daffodils are now opening up but they’re cringing because it’s just been so cold and windy the last few days. Right now it’s 43F. It’s supposed to warm up by the weekend but they’re saying rain will come with it. Just can’t win! lol xoxo

  2. What a dishonest man!

    It’s been years since I’ve seen a basket that size for $2–even at the end of summer. You got a great deal.

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