How about this one dear?


How about this one dear?, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Continuing with the sweet Chickadees. I just thought this was so cute, like they were house shopping.
Did a little shopping myself for a few things for the Washington, DC trip-just a few tops, shorts, pants, socks and a nightie, most bought at good ol’ Wally World. We are all coughing in the morning-allergies are murder this year. I had to get up at 6:45 am and take Clari*tin which helped.
I enjoyed yesterday going outside a lot- taking photos mainly, but missed the allergy medicine and thus had to take it this morning.
My procedure hasn’t helped that much yet, as I am still getting something-24 days after it. It’s better though, I had a feeling it wouldn’t go away all the way. I feel terrible that wonderful actress Dixie Carter died from basically not having what I had done. I guess when you are 70, they must not think in those terms. My own grandmom had a D&C in her 80s and lived to be almost 97.
Tomorrow will be getting things packed to go. We are trying to think of places in DC that we haven.’t seen. I’d like to see the Holocaust Museum or zoo. Sean’ been to the Holocaust. He’d like to see Ford’s Theater and should see Arlington Cemetery.We haven’t been down that way for over 10 yrs, so it’s a whole new world with the GPS. We are thinking about Mt. Vernon, which may be pretty this time of year. Lots to think about!

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  1. How exciting that you’re going to Washington, DC for a few days!! Have a safe and fun trip and take lots of pictures:-) I’m also hoping that you all feel much better while away…it really is the time for allergies, isn’t it. I’m always thankful that I don’t suffer with them!!! I’m going away this weekend as well, meeting up with Steve and heading you know where! lol We’ll be doing the Freedom Trail which is all about the slaves and how they crossed into Fort Erie, Ontario to escape slavery. Should be quite interesting. xoxo

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