A little raking


I felt a bit better and wanted to get some fresh air, though it was in the high 80s. Bri had cleaned out the pond for me a few days ago and since I was in the shade, I thought ‘why not’ do a little raking? Unfortunately my pond was the watery grave for two frogs, one rather large and the other a bit smaller. If I remember correctly, one or both enjoyed ‘croaking’ very loudly in the late summer and we could hear them almost every night if the window was open. I image the 4 feet of snow on top of the pond did them in. Poor things. I am ready for some new occupants now. I got the pump running after Bri got the motor part clogged. I have a few things left to do-weeding and edging, but I was glad to rake it out. I retrieved my gazing ball from the basement and Bri found the solar lights and arranged them nicely around the pond. I love the sound of running water, especially at night, it’s very soothing.
My little pond
I felt so good after eating my roast beef hoagie (sub) that I started to rake a few other places after dinner, a yucca bed near the road and my herb bed around back. My back started to complain, so I gave up for the night.
I am coughing a bit, but the nurse on the news (yep, they have a registered nurse/reporter) said today was the worse day of the year so far for allergies. I did take my allergy medicine. I guess I am using the inhaler correctly-only 3 times so far. I really think my allergies are what are driving me batty at times. Same with the guys. Bri’s been having a rough time on the Predn*isone which he is taking to try and help him get his sense of taste and smell back. He can smell and taste some things, but on the large part, he says he isn’t tasting his food and I notice he is trying to make up for it by eating crunchy or salty foods. The med is giving him a huge appetite. Only trouble with that, I need to do one of those $250+ food orders as I haven’t shopped like that for a while.
I go for a follow-up for the procedure I had on Friday. Got the explanation of benefits from the insurance and what they are allowed to allow is ridiculous. We were quoted a price for the procedure beforehand and had to give them some money that morning. Now it looks like it will be more than twice that according to the e. of benefits. They are allowed to say they used $14k in supplies! It’s ok according to the insurance lady. I was there for 2 hours and they gave me a threadbare nightgown and footies. You call them on this stuff and no one gives you a straight answer. This is so ridiculous. Wish us luck with this bill!

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  1. The whole medical thing has me gnashing my teeth at the injustice of it – and scared to death for the first time we need to use the medical system here. Yikes!

  2. First off I love your pond and I totally agree – running water to fall asleep by is so soothing. I love it too.
    Good Luck on the medical bill deal….it’s just going to get worse with the government now running our healthcare.

  3. Wow, Dianne, you have been having some warm weather! I am glad you got to get out for a bit,.

    14K in supplies for a two-hour procedure???? Holy smokes, that seems high!

  4. Yesterday morning we woke up to a couple inches of snow and again this morning so no yard work for me yet! It won’t stay for long though because they’re forecasting much milder temps for the weekend and sunshine. Just such a shock to the system after not having had snow for a couple of months! lol I just love your pond, that’s something I would eventually love to have in my backyard. As you say, running water is so soothing. For now I have a little fountain on my back patio that I enjoy:-)

    My goodness, 14K for what you had done does sound ridiculously high!! Hopefully you can get some answers soon with the bill. xoxo

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