Almost summer weather


Peachy pink rose, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Rose garden in Conservatory
Very strange spring weather here today! It got in the middle 80s! Not sure if the temp or my solo trip to my hometown yesterday set me off, but I was so miserable with hacking today, I went to the doctor. I was doing everything right, but have a little noise she didn’t like in my chest, got my first inhaler, plus got an antibiotic-asked for something that wouldn’t upset my tummy too much. I may have been able to get over this myself, I was almost there, I know it! It was the feeling of needing to expel something from my lungs and the terrible tickle that came on so suddenly. Trying to get ready for our little trip to DC next week. I want to go, but not sure if I can handle tummy upset in a strange town. I am eating yogurt to help.
I hope you like the almost perfect rose from Longwood.
I did have a nice visit for a few hours yesterday with my family, though my mom is upset about needing her sewage pipes worked on. I did fine driving there and back. A day sure makes a difference.

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