Under the weather again


Would you believe I started coming down with something Sunday night after our glorious day at Longwood? I got a tickle in my throat that lasted all Monday. By Tuesday I was (and am still) feverish with congestion and a sometimes hacking cough. If I am still hacking later today, I will try Muci*nex. I asked people about it on Face*book and many recommended it. Sean passed on his bug again. That’s what happens when you haven’t been around people for months and then are thrust into the germy public. I only cooked Monday and then we’ve had terrible take out meals-Bri can’t seem to pick out the right pizza or salad. I need to go to the grocery store as my freezer is almost empty of meat. Hope I can get my Easter dinner by at least Friday.
Bri had his MRI, got the CD, but not sure if he has to drop it off at ENT office. He was home yesterday as he wasn’t quite up to par.
One of these days we will all be healthy again ; )

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