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Happy 14th to my 3rd nephew Kenny! Glad we could help him celebrate over the weekend.

Seems that illness and blahs won’t let my family be. Sean was better and now has an on and off again cough.  Says that he won’t go to dentist in a couple of days if he is still coughing-then he better hit the doctor’s office downstairs. He is taking medicine, but then laps taking it  and it comes back. Could be allergies too as they are warning us that this is going to be a rough spring for those. He is working and is pretty good and has gotten kudos on his customer skills, so much he was asked to move to customer service. He said he’d like to give the garden shop a try (that’s my boy!).

Brian went to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist today. He had his nose scoped and has ‘somewhat’ of a deviated septum. The main cause for going is his loss of most of his taste and smell since December. He’s on a medication for a month to see if that helps and he’s getting an MRI of his forehead region. And he had hearing loss too. Hope he starts to feel better soon as it’s been a rough few months for him.

My middle brother has shingles again. He felt odd at work-numbness on one side of his face. He got to the doctor today and that’s what he has and is on a very strong antibiotic.

Mom is still getting needle injections in her eyes to help her sight. I wish she’d take a cab to those appts, but they are only a few miles away.

And me-well I was feeling great on Sunday, worked outside a bit. Then I went downhill with gut issues. I had to resort to Immo*dium today (last resort it tastes so bad), but that calmed the spasms and it actually growled a few hours later. Bri bought us a rotisserie chicken and I made baked potatoes so that tasted good to me. I had no appetite yesterday. I feel like the procedure messed with my ‘delicate constitution’ maybe. I so need to do birthday shopping for Bri, who has a birthday tomorrow. I tried to get my act together for 2 days. We usually celebrate a birthday for a week (leave the cards on display), so it may have to be another day, but I know Sean has some things for his dad.

Please keep us all in your thoughts. We have a trip to take in less than a month, so will have to get well soon!

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  1. Wow, you all have really had it rough for the last few months…hopefully you will all be feeling 100% sooner than later! Sean really does need to finish taking all his meds even if he feels better because that’s what happens if you don’t finish it, it just comes back again. Glad to hear he’s doing so well with his job! When Corey worked for Canadian Tire, he worked in the garden center every summer and loved it:-) xoxo

  2. Probably you’ve already tried going with a very bland diet for your digestive issues? I know that rotisserie chicken has TONS of salt and usually a lot of other spices, which can be quite hard on one’s plumbing. Wishing you and the whole family wellness!

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