Some new Easter finds

Bunny egg cup and Sparkle house from Cmas Tree shop. Love house by me.

Sean and I went out yesterday to see ‘Avatar’. When we got to the movies, a fire engine was out front. The place had been evacuated! There was a faulty hand dryer that set off the alarm. We decided to go to ‘The Christmas*Tree Shop’. Ever been to one? It’s like a Big*Lots and Dollar*General rolled into one-the prices are great! This isn’t a photo of what I bought, but I will share. This is a Snowbaby but as a Bunny baby with a tutu and a photo of my Grandmom Ruth when she was about 6, so about 1909. Miss her-it’s been almost 10 yrs since she passed away at age 96 1/2!
Dreary, wet weather is coming here. I can surely find plenty to do! Tomorrow I go to sign the papers for a gyn procedure that will hopefully make me feel so much better. I’m nervous, but the procedure is only 90 seconds!
We are going to Washington, DC next month around our 26th anniversary. Sean has a Geologist conference there. We still haven’t made hotel arrangements, but have to soon. We will miss the Cherry Blossom festival by a few days. Doesn’t mean they won’t be blooming when we are there. Photo opts!
Have a great Thursday and TGIF!

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  1. Well I am quite sure that it would not be new for you but your blog s fantastic! I am sure that many guys would have told you before but I thought to let you know myself and boost your confidence.

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