Lily and Ranunculus


Lily and Ranunculus, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I bought a bouquet a few days ago from Trader Joe’s. They have the best bouquets at pretty decent prices. The lily here smells heavenly as does the freesia. I love the ranunculus here as it looks like a rose. I had fun photographing this if you like to take a look at my photostream at Flickr by clicking my Flickr name.
Tomorrow I’m having lunch with a few h.s. friends. I so need some girl talk!

Heirloom tomatoes-also from Trader Js-yummy!

Update-my van needed it’s ABS (anti-lock brake system) adjusted in the rear as it was kicking in thinking when I slowed down it was going in a skid or something. My brother didn’t do the work and we also had it inspected. Have to keep Winnie going as she’s 14 yrs old now!

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