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I have noticed that many of the people in my blogroll aren’t keeping up with their blogs anymore. I think I know the issue-many are also my Facebook friends and I think Facebook is their main way of communicating now. I would say it’s probably easier for a few pals that are new moms/moms to pop on Facebook and show photos of their adorable children. Nothing is wrong with that. I just miss their blog posts. I do visit about 3 friends faithfully every day and only one doesn’t have a FB acct. I guess it’s what floats your boat. I’m finding it hard to know what to post about myself-one reason it’s the dead of winter, I’m not doing a lot of crafting and I’m not taking a heck of a lot of photos. If by a slim chance I get to go to the Philly Flower show this week, I will indeed post more snapshots. Thank goodness the Longwood orchid show is at the end of the month.
I’m getting my hair fixed in a couple of days-it so needs it-that spruced up feeling helps the winter blahs. And hopefully, if all is well, I’ll see a few of my FB/PHS gal pals for lunch on Saturday. Ah girl talk-I so need that too!

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  1. I find I have a hard time coming up with things to write about sometimes – when I first started I had so many stories to tell, etc. and I blogged every day. Now, I have 5 rather than 4 kids, things seem increasingly busier, I am writing books, and I’m lucky if I get in a blog a week. 😀 And, as you said, it is hard in the winter duldrums to come up with things to post about.

    Hope your hair-cut goes well and enjoy that girl time!

  2. I think Facebook has taken a lot of people away from blogging and I find that sad as well. I play 3 games on Facebook (FV, FT and PetVille) and of course like to keep up with what everyone is doing but I much prefer blogging still:-) As you say, sometimes it’s hard to know what to post about on our blogs, especially at this time of year but we always do manage to find something! lol xoxo

  3. I like blogging better. FB is great to touch base with someone, but it feels a lot more superficial to me.

    Enjoy your hair-fixing. I just had mine done last week and wow, what a relief that is!

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