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I’m sick with that bad cold that seems to be going around. Had to crash after dinner for a bit, I hardly ever do that. Meds are helping.
We are again expecting a Nor’easter to blow through here-but ‘only’ -10″ this time around. Sean is anticipating not going to work as they usually want to keep you off the roads when the wind is that rough. I hope I feel better tomorrow so I can grab a few items we need.

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  1. Wow, you two can sure skiate! 🙂

    Sorry too hear about the snow coming your way again. It’s amazing how much you are getting this year.

  2. Why are you and Brian not in the Olympics???? hehe That was a great skate:-) We were supposed to get an inch or so of new snow yesterday but instead just got a bit of a dusting, just enough to cover up the dirty snow we have left over from before Christmas. It sure is cold though!! Hopefully you don’t get as much as they predicted.

    Hope you feel better soon!! xoxo

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