Interesting Tuesday


I went to the dentist Monday afternoon and had my teeth fixed, plus a part of a filling that may have been trouble down the road. Guess who pointed out the later issue? Yes-me! Didn’t the dentist see ‘the almost problem’ when he examined my teeth a few weeks ago? I asked him to check my crown as I felt it was a bit loose. He tapped on it, but he went crazy with the dental floss telling me to toughen up my gums around it. To make a long story, short…I went to floss my teeth on Tuesday, stuck the floss in there and ‘pop goes the crown’ in the sink! Just wonderful. Why didn’t he listen? So I called the office and Brian went with me to the 6 pm appt. I had to scramble around here to get dinner made-soft food-meatloaf and mashed potatoes. So I waited and waited…

(even had time to play with my phone camera)
I was numb here and waiting on the dentist to put a pin with a nail head in my gum. It was a nasty smell (on of the reasons I went was that when I used the water pic it smelled when I got to that tooth! Get a water pic!) My tooth under the crown had broken (I remember biting something hard in early December that must have done the dirty deed-I didn’t tell the dentist-but I think the pin should have been put in over a year ago).
So I have my smile back!
I’ve won 3 prizes from the One World, One Heart blog event. Look what Tammy is treating me with:

So beautiful!
I need to find my other wins and post. One is a gorgeous assortment of paper and one is a lampwork necklace.
Hoping for a better, more productive Wednesday.

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  1. Dianne!!!! How can you even smile while at the dentist????? hehe I It is definitely NOT my favourite place to be and I’m shaking in my shoes usually. lol

    Way to goooo on your wins, I remember seeing that prize and thinking how gorgeous it was! Good for you:-) xoxo

  2. A water pic for at home? Where does one buy such a thing?? My teeth, knock wood, are not a problem, but poor Niek has one issue after another with his and I bet something like that would really help keep trouble at bay.

    Glad you got your crown fixed. As for dentists not listening, they’re just like all the other doctors out there. Sorry to generalize, but a doctor who actually listens to his/her patients is as rare as … hen’s teeth!

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