Congrats to Julia!!!


I just did a random drawing using the online random generator and Julia from my blog roll (My Adventures and Antics-a great blog too)won the One World, One Heart contest! She was #70 out of 314 comments. Julia, please contact me by the end of the day. If by chance she passes on this (I hope not), I will do another drawing. Since I know Julia has 5 children under the age of 12 (I think that is correct), I may have to put something in the box for the two little boys. ; )

Off to the dentist in a few hours to get a few chipped teeth fixed-lucky me!
And-if my chance I win anything-you can leave a comment here-crossing fingers!

About Dianne

Domestic goddess, wife, mom, gardener, paper and collage artist, geocacher, local traveler, cross stitcher, baker, crafter, Facebooker, blogger, decorator and photographer.

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  1. Hi there Dianne!! I hope so much you do OK at the dentist! You were the 2nd pick using good old for the Flying Wish Paper in my OWOH drawing… can not wait to send this to you so please e-mail me with your address information (will email you now too). Wishing you much peace and thank you so much for visiting me through OWOH!!!

  2. Congratulations to Julia, I have no doubt she is very excited to have won your giveaway:-) What a magical carpet ride that was, almost hate to see it end! lol I…ummm…won 15 of the giveaways!! I couldn’t believe it when email after email kept coming in telling me I had won. Will post pictures as soon as I catch up with my blogging buddies. I promised myself no more posts until I’m caught up with all of you!! xoxo

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