Grammys 2010


I was watching this year’s music awards and enjoyed many of the performances like the duo between Sir Elton John and Lady Gaga; Greenday and other singers doing ’21 Gun’ and Pink doing her ‘swinger and singer’ act on a twirling silk scarf that went toward the ceiling and then sprayed water on her. I had to fish around for my 3D glasses (saved from a game Sean had) but didn’t get to see much of the Michael Jackson tribute. His eldest two children Prince and Paris very eloquently accepted the award in his name.
I was very sad to learn that Kenny Rankin, one of my favorite singers had passed away last June at the age of 69 from lung cancer. His voice fit into so many genres-pop, jazz, folk. I had many of his records.

This is how I remember him-with his big mustache.
Also Dan Seals passed last year. Remember England Dan and John Ford Coley? He’s also Jim Seals younger brother. Their big hit was ‘I Really want to See You Tonight’.
Three singers in the last 12 yrs I have admired have passed: John Denver, Dan Fogelberg and now Kenny. I got to see John and Dan in concert. Kenny and Dan had cancer, John died in a solo plane accident.
Sean is getting use to Wally World. It’s hard being on his feet a lot, but he seems to work two days and is off two. They have him working 30 odd hours, is that part time? If he is called by the Census bureau to work, he’d have to work something out with Wally World as it’s just for a few months.
I am so dry today and it lead to a coughing attack. My sinuses started draining and it was hairy for a few minutes. I swear I have food allergies too. We had some of that rice (Dirty Rice) that you just heat up in it’s own package. I’m wondering what was in that too. Sometimes it’s a pain to cook everything from scratch, but if something is loaded with MSG, it’s going to bother me.
I’m amazed by all the comments for my One World, One Heart entry! Wow!! Thanks everyone for visiting. I still need to visit lots of the other blogs myself, but I get eye strain so easily. I’ll do my best.
Congrats to my friend Rachel and her hubby Mike on the arrival of their son Connor last night, just before 11 pm. He came on his due date and is home already. Rachel’s blog is Willing Hands on my blog roll. She has photos of his nursery. I have some goodies to mail off to her (she only lives in Abington, PA and I have met her once). Better get busy!

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  1. I so hear you on the eye strain! lol I’ve been visiting the participants of the OWOH giveaway as well and still have over 400 to visit…don’t know if I’ll make it! lol It’s so much fun, though, and isn’t the talent unbelievable? I’m really impressed by so many of them.

    30 hours does seem to be more than a part time worker would work considering 40 hours is usual full time hours. Glad he’s getting used to it, though, no doubt he’s enjoying getting some money in:-)

    I didn’t watch the Grammy’s last night, I came home from the auction and my mom’s with a bit of a headache so lay down and slept for a couple of hours. Never turned on the tv at all!! I was reading about them on the msn news and it sounds like it was pretty good. xoxo

  2. Where I work 30 hours is considered full time. They get the same benefits as those who work 40 or more per week.

    I did not watch the awards show, but I did look at a few of the pics of what the ladies were wearing on the net this morning. Since I don’t know more than a handful of the people, that’s all I like to see anyway. I hope one of the news channels has M. J.’s children on accepting the award. I would like to see that.

    I noticed all those comments on your giveaway. I know Pea mentioned something like 900 participants on a recent post. It would be a full-time job just trying to visit them all!

  3. Someone dropped a link to your website on Twitter and that is where I first found your website. I love the way you write and I am going to subscribe to read more whenever I can. Oh yeah, are you on Twitter yet?

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