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Mantel in low light, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I decorated the mantel and front window. I only got around to taking a few photos of what is on the mantel. I’m not quite finished my sofa table. The tree in up but not decorated.
The manger scene was my grandfather’s and I haven’t put it up for a while. Thought I would as I’m more into vintage pieces and it’s safe up there on the mantel. I repaired and painted this before I was married, so it’s still holding up after I did that about 26 or so years later.

A collection of Nutcrackers
Grandfather's manger scene

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  1. That looks so pretty. Your manager scene is a real family treasure…each character is so nicely detailed. I first noticed those berry lights, which are a nice addition and change from regular white l ights.

    Bring on the tree!

  2. I just love the giant jingle bells! I have no mantel to display my collection of Santas, hence they are scattered about the house in nooks and crannies, but I love your nutcracker display. My sister collects those as well. 🙂

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