Getting there


It took until 4 this afternoon and 3 phone calls to get my bank to take off the two charges for $205. Eek! That would have early put a damper on the next few weeks.
I didn’t sleep too well last night. Never install virus software in a new computer at 1 am. If you do, make sure you download the correct software-I should have looked at the email better. I finally got that squared away around 1:40 am. My oh my!
To keep my nerves calmed (a little) I made our Christmas card for 2009-it includes us this year-that’s all I’m saying. I did have an idea, and then artist Claudine Hellmuth shared something she made on Facebook which was the springboard for my imagination. I’ll share it here after it gets color copied and sent on it’s way.
My mom called me tonight. She sounds somewhat better. I wasn’t going to continue our conversation if she was only going to complain about little things, she was ok.
My brother is moving in over this coming weekend, although the apartment’s gas has been turned off and he has to take a shower elsewhere.
Tomorrow I hope to get a few groceries in here as today I just couldn’t. My post nasal drip has been Chinese water torture today. I used my Neti pot which helped a lot. I could tell the right side was more clogged than the left. It always seems to be the right side. I do sleep more on the right.
I did my cookie post for the 3rd so I wouldn’t forget to do it! I only have a berry wreath on the front door as it’s not really the one I want to hang. I am doing more of a natural theme. I wanted to do mostly white lights on the tree. Sean like multi-color, so maybe I’ll add a few gold to the mix. That won’t be until around the 12th, though I do have a helper this year,it could be earlier!
Speaking of my helper-he has an informal talk next Thursday with a local conservation district. I was really praying hard last night and then Sean got the call. I hope something works out for him! He has gone through quite a few boxes in the basement-many his old belongings. What the heck do you do with an old chemistry set?

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  1. Glad your family situation is a bit better this week. Hope you’re feeling better soon and that son of yours finds a great job. It’s such a hard time for so many.

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