Fall crops


About a month ago, I planted a variety of crops that like to grow in the cooler weather. Here is what I harvested on Sunday:
A handful of arugula and tiny red radishes. There is a little lettuce, a sparse spinach seedling and if the beets are there, I don’t see them. I planted garlic and it’s starting to sprout in the container garden.
We may have had some frost last night, and I brought in some coleus at the last minute to save them.
Got my hair done and mom went out to dinner with us. This certain restaurant sometimes bothers me-I should know better that minestrone soup on an empty stomach is not a good idea. Unfortunately, I have had issues eating there before. Guess you have to figure out what places agree with you. Both Sean and me brought home most of our dinners.
I need to get to the grocery store-so that will be soon. My winter wardrobe is in bags all over my living room. I have my work cut out for me. I am anxious to get my sweaters and warmer clothes stored!

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