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My brother loves to make scrapbooks and has made some awesome ones involving old family photos that mom had stuffed in boxes. No, she isn’t good at preserving the past it seems. I love photos myself and vowed I’d have a camera within reach all through Sean’s growing up years. I have quite a few photo albums. So Don asked me to scan a bunch of very old photos, many at least 100-120 years old. I recognized my maternal great grandparents, but no one else. Some were labeled, still have no idea who these people were. My great grandparents photos were badly faded. I was able to bring them back and I am still photoshopping them. I am really happy with William’s photo-so dashing. Little Caroline’s was in worst shape. It looks like she stuck her head up in a 3 foot collar-guess that was the style. I am pretty sure they both lived in New York until they were grown up and met each other. They then settled near Philadelphia where their extended family still lives. The thing that breaks my heart is that they are in unmarked graves. I hope someday to at least save enough money for a plaque. When my grandmom passed away in 2000, I saved a little of the money for a marker for her, my grandfather, his parents and my mom’s final resting place. It too had gone unmarked for 40+ yrs. My grandmom and mom didn’t think that something like that was important when they had 6 mouths to feed (Mom-mom was very practical).
Anyway-here are the photos:

William Hasselberg
You can see where I am working on these. They may not get too much better. I printed them out and they look better on paper. I changed their color and the teal really made the detail pop.
I always thought my grandmom was the splitting image of her mom, but upon further evaluation, she definitely had her ‘Papa’s’ eyes. My twin great uncles looked just like their mama.

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  1. I love old family pictures like that but as you say so many are now in bad shape. Thank goodness for programs you can use now, like Photo Shop, to restore them…you really did a great job on those two!

    Make sure you drop by my blog today, you’re there dressed up in a little faerie costume! hehe xoxo

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