Happy Birthday Mom!


Happy Birthday Mom! 9-23, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Next year will be my mom’s BIG birthday, but I wanted to take a walk down memory lane. The newest is the second photo where we are toasting each other with Blue*Moon beer. (I sent that to the website, I should see if they uploaded it yet). The first shot, mom is about 16 (I always thought she looked like actress Penelope Cruz); the 3rd shot is when she went to the Smithsonian Institute with a friend and the last shot is us in my childhood room. We are going down in a few hours to bring her gifts, flowers and a red velvet cake (bought). One of my brother wants to take mom out to dinner and said we could come along.

Mom and me at Barnaby’s. We had Blue*Moon again and we both got strip steak. My brother treated us all to dinner. : ) Taken with Sean’s cellphone.
With 3 of her 5 grandchildren.
Blowing out the candles on her red velvet cake (bakery bought and really yummy!)

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  1. Happy Birthday to your wonderful mom!! I so loved seeing the pictures of her throughout the years and you’re right, she did look like Penelope Cruz!!!! Hope you all have a great time celebrating her day:-) xoxo

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