Down my garden path


It’s a tight squeeze-
(ironically, this is the last photo I took today! You are seeing mums and hearty begonias that come up every year).
Watch your step through the bombardment of Chestnut burrs (quite sticky-ouch) and see the little sprouts of arugula, spinach, radishes and lettuce. The beets seem to be taking their time, but the rest were up in less than a week!
The nasturtiums are all over the various gardens providing a nice show and bow out for the end of the season:
I’ve seen many more bees than butterflies this year
I always plant Zinnias in memory of my Grandmom Ruth. Here is a pretty peach:
Some house painting is going on-just the overhangs. It’s a bit lighter, so that may be incentive to paint the rest of it in the future!
The Gnomes have plenty of hiding places:
Always remember to have a happy
And back inside-starting to decorate for the Autumn and then I’ll add some Halloween decor to that (not all the summer stuff is off the window area. The hydrangeas are from outside):
Happy Fall, y’all!

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  1. Dianne,
    How nice that you will be having fresh salad fixings for the fall! I wish I had a veggie garden.

    Your nasturtiums make me want to plant them again. I only planted one year in containers. I really enjoyed them that year.

    What’s that plant above the gnome with the pink speckles?

  2. So wonderful to see so many flowers still in bloom:-) It was my first time planting nasturtiums and I couldn’t believe how much they grew, I had no idea they would spread out so much! Unfortunately the frost got at them the other morning so they’re now all black:-( At least my roses are still hanging on!!

    Isn’t it unbelievable how fast seeds can start sprouting? Looks like everything is coming up great:-) xoxo

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