Home Improvement-Day 1


So It says on the calendar that today it the International Day of Peace, though not quite around my house! This week Brian is off to do a little painting. He was outside around 10:30 and within 4 hours, got 120 feet of overhang scraped (front and back) in prep for painting. Sean and I went to Wally World and bought a couple of gallons of paint. I had matched it up the best I could as the original color was splashed on about 11 yrs ago, by student painters-about 3 of them-who had the entire house painted in about 2 full days. Sean was itchy to start painting-a tall task for an already tired Bri. They got about 15 feet done in the back (we borrowed the neighbors longer ladder) when Sean was climbing up and I think it slipped off the edge of the flagstone patio and he went through it. That was it for the day. He scraped his leg a little, but is alright. Whew! I said it was good that they started on the back as it was the harder of the two sides to do. They aren’t touching the side eaves as Bri and ladders don’t mix well, especially when you add height and he had a traumatic event of falling off one and breaking his leg as a child. Guess we’ll have to end up hiring someone in the future to do them.
Good luck tomorrow guys!

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  1. My DH was out scraping paint yesterday, too. His project is way smaller than Brian’s. It’s just a storage shed. It rained all day today, so he won’t be doing any painting for awhile.

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