Photo Hunt-Upside Down


This is from last Christmas at the Terrace Restaurant located in Longwood Gardens, PA. Talk about a perfectly decorated tree-and it’s upside down from the sky light there.

I got to meet (finally) my pals Rachel and Nicki at a stitch-along at the Chadds Ford Historic Society (they let us use their space). Rachel just found out she is having a little boy at the end of January. I could tell she was a bit uncomfortable tonight. Nicki is also a blogger from near Philly. So nice to chat with both of them and the other stitchers. I’m not too good at stitching in front of people. I brought my Neighborhood Round Robin with the Victorian houses, etc. that the ladies from Europe helped to stitch (and New Hampshire too) and everyone raved over it.
Rachel and Dianne meet for the first time
Obviously I can’t take a good photo with that little Powershot-the flash is really bright!
Barbara asked me why I find it difficult to stitch ‘in public’. I am a private kind of stitcher and last night was the first time I had stitched with other people. I think the more I go, the better I will get at focusing on what I am doing and talking at the same time. I only stitched about an inch of the border last night.

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  1. I’m glad you went to the stitching get together. I was reading the post preceding this (didn’t get online yesterday for long, so my blog reading was behind) and I was kind curious about your concern about stitching in front of people. Do you view it as such a private habit??

  2. I am so glad to hear you went to the stitching event. I bet you had a good time meeting your blog friends. I would probably find it hard to stitch, too, because I would be too busy talking to concentrate.

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