Thursdays can be thunky


1. My daughter (aka Demon #1) (the lady who wrote the questions) informed me the other day that her hugs were worth a million dollars. Would you give up hugs – giving and receiving – for the rest of your life, for a million dollars? How is that really possible and who will know whether you are hugging someone or not? I just think your silly daughter was playing with your emotions. : )

2.Have you ever been bitten by a member of the canine family? Probably as a kid I may have gotten nipped by the family pet, but I was usually careful around dogs.

3. What is your favorite color of jeans? Not too dark, but not to worn looking-somewhere in between.

4. What is something that has changed in public schools that you wish was the norm when you were in school?
Zero tolerance for certain acts like name calling or bigotry. I went to grade school in the 60s-70s and it was more one color than the other if you get my drift. Kids can be mean.

5. What is your news source?
Mainly the local news, the internet and radio.

6. What sort of people do you think read your blog?
Ha-I would say mostly other women. Contacts through my hobbies and facebook too.

7. If I told you that I had a headache, you would say……….???
Take a Tylenol-that would depend on how long you had it too. Sometimes if you are hungry, you get a headache. My son and I get nasty when we are hungry and food perks us right up!

8. You go to a buffet style restaurant, what is the first food you put on your plate? Starch maybe? Don’t they start you off where the rolls are and then to salad?

9. If you were stranded on a desert island…. no, we aren’t asking that again. Lets put a twist into this. Would you volunteer to be dropped off on a desert island, to be picked up in a month? And you don’t get to bring those 3 items, either. Am I by myself? I would say ‘no way Jose’.

10. When the sun sets, what are you usually doing? I’m cleaning up dinner dishes or working on my paper projects.
I have a cross stitch finish! I bought a little kitty kit from the store in Cape May and ran out of 3 of the colors and emailed the owner. Had to wait a week to get them, but finally finished last night.
I was asked to join a stitch-along tomorrow night at the Chadds*Ford Society building with a local XS shop. I know at least one pal will be there. I may ‘drop in’ (hope that’s allowed) as they are having pizza and I really don’t want any. We’ll see.

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  1. I think you should go to the stitch-along tomorrow. You would probably have fun.

    Listen to me… you the opposite advice I would do. I never go to things like that. LOL. Once I get home from work, I HATE to go back out.

    I do usually have fun when I force myself to go to all the events I don’t want to go to.

  2. Nice answers. The zero tolerance thing is great! They also have another policy at many schools now that I love. if you want to play alone, that’s fine. But if two or more kids are playing together, they have to include any other kid who wants to play with them. I think that kind of goes along with the zero tolerance rule on some level.

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