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I’m curious like a kitty-that’s why I like them so much. I went over to ‘Twitter’ and signed up. It’s pretty interesting, especially to see what the celebs who are on there are saying. Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore (Ashton’s wife), Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Fallon have really been into Twitter, so I am following what they are saying. I have actors, cooks and comedians-and even the President and he is following me (should I be scared?) Anyway, I see I have some new followers and I will see if I want to keep them. Of course if anyone in blogland twitters, I’ll follow you. ; )
Not much new since our busy day of yard work yesterday. Brian had a tick on him, a larger one that he’s glad he felt crawling in his head-ugh!
Sean has a virus or something-started with a headache yesterday and he’s a bit feverish, though feels better. He’s gone to college up there for almost two years and this is the first time he’s been ‘blah’ sick. He may go to the infirmary tomorrow, but if it’s a virus, it will have to work it’s course. He went to church last night and to the store today, so he’s getting around.
We’re expecting lots more rain, so I will have to make a nice dinner since I wimped out and went to KFC tonight for their new grilled chicken. It was a bit dry this time around, but their food is definitely better.
I’ll be getting my hair done on Tuesday instead of tomorrow. Hope to get to Trader Joe’s that day too.

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  1. Yuck, ticks! We don’t have a problem with them in our yards here, but do need to look for them after a tramp in the fields, especially on the dog. Last year I took about seven off him until I figured out that my ds was taking the dog out in the weeds during their walks. Once we stopped that and put a flea/tick collar on him, we had no problems.

    Hope Sean feels better real soon!

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