Show & Tell


I’m a bit late today-or should I say tonight as I was busy looking at my son’s paper and then I went over to Longwood Gardens for an hour.
So here’s what I’m sharing-these magical Fairyopolis books!
These are gorgeous ‘interactive’ journals based on the Flower Fairies created by Cicely Mary Barker. They span from about 1923 to the 1930s. The first book is Cicely sharing her fairy findings. There are petals of daisies to lift where the fairies have left a barely visible message.
I found this book at B*Js Wholesale, but I found the next book at Bor*ders for only $5.99-I just purchased this one on Tuesday night. It’s just as sweet as the first and the journal of Dulcie,a little girl who wants so badly to see the wee fairies. It also has a special musical pop-up section in the back.
I guess I can lend these to my niece and hope she gives them back. : )
I went to Longwood Gardens as it was a lovely day for a long walk. I am sore from yard work and just happened upon a path where I had to do a lot of climbing. I saw a part of Longwood I haven’t seen for years-the eye of the water!
After seeing this, I thought I’d have a terrible walk to the entrance, I didn’t! The path wound around and I was so happy. I went in the gift shop and bought these for 50% off:
The sales lady said I could let them wilt and then plant them.

I went down the length of our road and spotted the camel (see the two humps) and she had a baby that was right next to her! I took this shot from the van, in the middle of the road, hence not a good shot:
I have lots of photos to upload!
I may go to a book sale tomorrow in my hometown, if I can get out of bed!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. I buy the Fairytopolis calendars every year but I’ve never seen the books! I must looks for them now! lol So glad you were able to go to Longwood Gardens again, love the flowers you bought there.

    Not every day you see a camel and her baby, how delightful!! xoxo

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