Another good-bye


I’m never going to get use to these blasted departures, especially knowing Sean will be almost across the country next Sunday. It’s gotta be, can’t keep them little forever. Now I know why Brian use to say he’d hate it when Sean grew up.
Bri said we could go out to eat tonight-so that will be within the next hour or so I guess, a nice consolation prize-not having to cook!
I was looking at the People magazine ‘Style Watch’ edition and thought ‘I’d recommend’ (it is Sunday and that’s my usual time to write about things I like or have read). So here are the style trends for Spring 2009-Anything with a ‘mini floral’ pattern-dresses, tops, skirts. Funky Little House on the Prairie wear!
Hobo bags-I actually just bought one-not very springlike-it’s black, but I know I have a big pink one somewhere too.
Ruffles!!! There are some really cute examples in the magazine-I like the ruffles pulled to one shoulder and the vest with the tiny ruffles on the bottom.
Utilitarian-uniform like details-shown is an Ann Taylor silk camp shirt which is pretty but pricey.
Neon!!!Mostly shown are purses, shoes, jewelry and clothing with a neon trim. You don’t want to look like you escaped prison in a neon orange jumpsuit!
**My Favorite**-Cool colors-they are calling them lagoon blues-gorgeous shades. I have a purse my mom gave me in a cool shade like shown.
Not boring beiges Also like this color palette, crisp and clean looking.
Other popular accessories:
Textured bags
Exotic heels
Gold shoes (glad I kept those gold  sandals I hardly wear)
Statement necklaces (Zoey should be happy about this one-I love necklaces too).

Sean did get a lot of work finished this break, including a long paper about Vikings which I proofread-all 13 or so pages! I have done his proofreading throughout school and I really wish he would learn to sit down and figure out what sounds good and what doesn’t.  Not to say I didn’t mind helping,but this is definitely an area he needs ‘to grow’ in.

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  1. Hi,
    I love the photo of your glass shaped like eggs. Pretty…

    We went to see some Spring flowers on Sunday.
    at the flower and garden show at one of the big nurseries here. When you walk in the entry, there was a lovely garden of hyacinth, tulips, daffodils, Rhododendrum and others. (dummy I forgot the camera)
    They garden displays set up, some with ponds. They did the displays in color themes, so there were all pink, all purples, all reds gardens. However I am not sure if these flowers bloom at the same time naturally, as these had to be force bloomed. Lots of snapdragons, and pretty rhodies.
    A coleus in almost a solid bright red, that I really liked.
    It was nice to just see flowers and color for a change.
    We went to a nice Italian restaurant with a coupon from Really good food, but I think Dena makes better meatballs. We wouldn’t have tried the restaurant but for the coupon, so that is why I like them. The $25. coupon was on sale for $4.00 so that was a good deal, and we both had the leftovers for our dinner tonight.
    I am working on a wooden birdhouse that I will paint in 1 stroke for my daughter for her birthday, my friend is teaching the class at homemakers on Wednesday.
    Ebay keeping me busy, do you still sell there?
    have a great week, HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY, ANGELA

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