Brandywine River Museum Tribute day to Andrew Wyeth


Brian and I ventured over to this and it was jammed packed with people (it was free) on this 25 degree day (wind chill 11). I mainly wanted to see Christina’s World, which isn’t usually on display here-it’s up in the art museum in NYC. I love to look at detail and amongst all the grass, there were a few well placed weeds-like thistles. Neat.

Andrew got a few dozen honorary fine art degrees from many local colleges, one being the one Brian and I attended (he graduated, I almost did)-West Chester University-he may have been the speaker the year I was suppose to graduate, I have to ask a few old classmates.
I managed to get some outside shots, but had to wait until the lens warmed up! I like my outside shot of the museum with the evergreens reflected in the glass. There were black drapes right near the entrance in honor of Andrew. The restaurant across the street-Hank’s Place was a ‘hang-out’ for ‘Andy’ over the past 16 yrs. He use to come in the back door, but then switched to the front. Their sign said something to this affect-the beauty of your art was it’s simplicity…we will remember you always.

I got to sign the guest book and said what a pleasure it was to live in the Brandywine River Valley and enjoy looking at the things he enjoyed.

His last painting from 2008 was called ‘Good bye’-how ironic-but maybe that’s something he wanted to paint. It depicts a white shaker style house on a hill with a beach and  sail boat in the foreground. I noticed in his later years, he went to more of a white background with the browns on top. I hope to take the tour with Victoria Wyeth sometime to hear what she has to say about her famous grandfather.

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