A change in the weather


Seems like almost everyone in blogland is getting some kind of rain, sleet or snow today. It held off for a while, but the temps are dropping to the 30s. Yesterday it got to 66 degrees! It seems to be bothering my sinuses. Bri says he feels like he has a cold too. I heard general stuffiness all around me in Walgreen’s yesterday. Speaking of Walgreen’s-they have some neat holiday decor-from purple, pink and red/green lights on the string-two for $5 to fun Frosty the Snowman and Peanut comics stand ups. I bought the red and green lights and a set of three light up large Christmas balls then promptly decorated the front edges in anticipation of Sean’s arrival. He got home right when I was wrestling with an outdoor extension cord that was buried under stuff piled in the shed. Bri isn’t one to stack nicely.
Of course I was so happy to see him. He made good time-3 hours, but said the traffic was rough.
Mom has a follow up eye appt today, so I hope she’ll just get rain. We plan to take her to a wholesale club tomorrow or the next day and help her put up her tree. She wasn’t feeling well at all yesterday.
Today I plan to do some gift wrapping. I have almost everything I wanted to get-not a lot this year, but enough. One of Bri’s gifts is on back order, so I may try and find if locally.
Stay warm and dry!
~~Thanks to all who stopped by and looked at my slideshow yesterday~~ I plan to check more out too and leave comments.
~Update-Bri came home and showed me an obituary in the local paper, it was of a teacher from Sean’s elementary school that he had briefly in first grade. She was only 52. I left this condolence-
When we think back on Sean’s time at New Garden, Vicky is definitely a stand-out in our memories. She was so sweet and her niceness was contagious. Sean had her briefly for a teacher, so we always chatted when we saw each other over the years he attended the school and if we ran into her at the store,etc. She touched many lives in a positive way, I’m glad we knew her.

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